Perspex has been the market leader in the manufacture and supply of quality acrylic plastic sheet.

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Perspex South Africa has been the market leader in the supply of cast acrylic sheet products in sub-Saharan Africa for over 60 years.

Perspex South Africa is the market leader in the supply of quality Perspex® Cast Acrylic products to Sub-Saharan Africa for over 60 years. The head office located in Johannesburg, South Africa, forms the hub of operations. An extensive national footprint includes sales offices and warehouses in Cape Town, Durban and Gqeberha, which also houses an extrusion manufacturing facility. Perspex SA believes in pushing boundaries with a passion for the customer solutions plastic sheets and LED’s offer, and the creative possibilities they present. The entire team take pride in finding inspired customer solutions that the Perspex SA range of products offer.

Perspex SA Values
“Inspired Solutions”
A sustained focus on customer centricity and finding ways to meet their needs forms the cornerstones of Perspex SA’s operations - through investment in people, training and facilities. The ever-changing market drives the team’s engagement and motivation to provide inspired, value-added solutions for the entire supply chain.

“Passion for Innovation”
Perspex SA remains highly influential in the market by insisting on passionate people at all levels, encouraging them to embrace challenges and drive innovation through constantly looking for and capitalising on strategic opportunities.

“We Value Relationships”
Transparency, honesty, and the continuous push to ensure fair pricing make long-term customer/client relationships the norm for Perspex SA.

Achieved by:

  • Insisting on responsible suppliers and customer centricity, which fosters loyalty.
  • Supporting partnerships while fairly holding each party accountable.
  • Always delivering what is promised.
  • Perspex SA demonstrates commitment to consistently creating a better place of work for all stakeholders and wealth for the investors by staying true to its values.

The Perspex Product range

HDPE Sheet Tanks
Cast Acrylic Sheet for Signage
Cast Acrylic Sheet
Cast Impressions
HDPE Sheet

For Every Challenge, a Solution

A customer centric, solutions-oriented approach and focus on supply chain efficiency has enabled Perspex SA to remain the leading and exclusive supplier of high-quality Perspex® Cast Acrylic products in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 60 years. Completing an extensive range of products – Perspex SA supplies locally manufactured ABS, Acrylic Capped ABS, high impact polystyrene, high-density polyethylene and LinaShield – supported by Extruded Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG, Multiwall Polycarbonate, Alupanel® (Aluminium composite material panels sourced from Multipanel UK) and LED solutions from reputable international manufacturers.

  • Vast national footprint and complimentary fleet with the ability to deliver within 24 hours.
  • Expert technical support and Leading managerial expertise driven by innovative thinking

HDPE Sheeting

A lightweight and durable sheeting used for a wide range of essential items from automotive parts to packaging. In addition, HDPE offers chemical resistance, electrical properties and high impact strength suitable for wear strips and chain guides.

LinaShield Liners

Offering up to 20 times longer lifespan compared to rubber - LinaShield thermoplastic polyurethane sheeting increases productivity by reducing downtime as a wear resistant liner. Locally manufactured LinaShield was designed especially for dump truck linings, wear linings, conveyor belts, skips, chutes, feeding channels, crushers, sorters, cones, hoppers, screens, magnetic separators and more.

Alupanel®, Aluminium Composite Material Sheeting

High quality decorative aluminium composite panels for eye-catching signs, displays and architectural features like façades. Alupanel® composite panels are rigid, light, easy to cut, router, bend and are available in multiple colours, all easy to print on too.

LED Solutions

LED Solutions, by Perspex SA is an integrated division of Perspex South Africa and the leading supplier of complete LED Solutions – including LED strips, wall-washers, modules, controllers and dimmers, colour controllers, power supplies, extrusions, adhesives and accessories

A Solution For Every Application

Perspex SA’s extensive range ensures there is a product for every project or industry – all of which are supplied from reputable manufacturers.

Perspex® Cast Acrylic Perspex® Sheeting

Cast Acrylic is Perspex South Africa’s flagship product, ideal for a myriad of uses and available in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes. Specified by architects, interior designers, brand architects, graphic designers, automotive designers and fabricators worldwide - Perspex® Cast Acrylic is the international benchmark.

Extruded Acrylic Sheeting

Give shape and form to creative ideas with MI (Medium Impact) and UHI (Ultra High Impact) extruded acrylic. Available in opal and clear, it has excellent tolerances, is easily formed and printed, and is ideal for creating complex shapes.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheeting

200 times more impact resistance than glass at only half the weight. Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic renowned for its impact-resistant toughness, affordability, ease of moulding, fabricating and is ideal for cold curving, thermoforming and vacuum forming. It is resistant to both high and low temperatures, low maintenance and is available in various abrasion resistant, UV resistant and bulletproof grades.

  • Construction: Polycarbonate is widely used in the construction of shatterproof windows (and vertical glazing), domes of buildings, covered walkways, canopies, barrel vaults, bus shelters and windows for construction vehicles.
  • Security: From riot shields and bulletproof security vehicle windows to clear burglar bars and prison windows - polycarbonate has the durability for some of the most demanding applications.
  • Domestic: Polycarbonate is used for shatterproof windows, patio doors, showers, domes, skylights, curved roof lights, greenhouses, outdoor decks and furniture.
A 10 year warranty is standard with Perspex SA’s solid polycarbonate sheets.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting

Multiwall polycarbonate twin wall sheets are durable, flexible and provides insulation while adding colour, interest and creativity to design projects from furniture to lighting to room separation or stage creation. Multiwall is available in a wide range of colours and thicknesses.

ABS Sheeting

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a thermoplastic manufactured by Perspex SA locally that combines the strength and rigidity of acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of polybutadiene rubber. It is not suitable for outdoor use unless UV stabilisers are added. Many variations of ABS are offered including ASA, a UV resistant ABS. Can be manufactured in corporate colours, but minimum order quantities are required.

ABS VO Sheeting

ABS VO is fire retardant sheeting that has an element of UV resistance and is used in the production of mass transit vehicles such as trains and coaches. It can be manufactured locally in any colour required as long as there is sufficient volume. Perspex SA also offers PC/ABS, a Polycarbonate ABS blend, which is regarded as a new advanced version of ABS VO due to having better properties.

PETG Sheeting

PETG is a thermoplastic sheet used for visual merchandising, signage, display units and vacuum forming applications. It can be easily formed, die cut, punched, and is suitable for direct printing with pure optical clarity.

Polypropylene Boards

Polypropylene is a low density sheeting with excellent impact strength and high chemical resistance, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including food packaging, chemical storage and fume cabinets.

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